Old Tokyo; or, back online in the new Tokyo

Some very interesting historical material up at Old Tokyo – Vintage Tinted Images of the Japanese Capital City. The Department of Foreign Affairs (on the Kasumigaseki page) was a very stately building.

So I haven’t done a thing with this place in months. In recent weeks I’ve had an excuse, which was that my hosting company blew up. Something. They’re back in existence as of today, although I can’t FTP into this server now to update the CRITICAL SECURITY HOLES that WordPress tells me it has. Oops.

My other excuses were a lengthy autumn visit from mom and dad (well, grandma and grandpa; they sure weren’t here to see me), a big freelance project I wrapped up at the end of the year, and sloth in general.

I do have a bunch of stuff lined up in MarsEdit waiting to be edited and posted, so here’s hoping I get around to some of that content before April. Hello Internet!