My spring post

In the good seats

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Seems like a quarterly thing, to post here. I’ve been busy. Translating and editing and enjoying visits from family (sister pictured) and watching the little girl grow larger and larger.

Jessica has been in town for 10 days or so. She came to Tokyo to watch her Oakland As play Yomiuri, Hanshin, and the Red Sox twice. They won three of four, so that wasn’t a bad start. The best seats we had were the “Excite Seats” for the season opener against Boston. Matsuzaka started, and Okajima got his pitches in, so there was no way the As would be treated like the home team even if that’s what they were on the card. We were in the second row, down the third-base line, in seats actually on the field. They came with helmets and gloves to protect us from fouls, of which there of course were none this game. And then the As lost! Walking Ortiz to pitch to Ramirez in the tenth. Bah. They won the second game the next night, at least.

Sakura was happy to meet her aunt. They played a lot and enjoyed some books together. (Sakura’s favorites these days all have buttons and little electronic songs, and Jes usually goes to bed with an iPod on to try to drive the ditties from her skull. Not that this works.) We fed Jes big piles of food and gave her no chance to exercise, beyond walking around Kichijoji looking for trinkets to purchase, so she’ll have to hit the gym hard when she gets back to California and her own waiting baby.

Bed time now. See you again in the summer! Well, sooner than that if I go ahead and get my posting act together. I owe a lot of people email as well. Sorry about that. Plugging back in . . .