tower burger
Oog. You know you want this.

The latest health food craze hits Japan’s shores in the form of the Tower Burger available at Lotteria. This bad boy will set you back just ¥160 for the simple cheeseburger, plus an extra ¥100 for each additional patty and cheese slice you add. It goes on sale on June 22, according to the article that told me about the existence of this new threat to Japan’s arteries, and if you want to go straight to the 10-story styscraper pictured here, through July 16 you can get your death fix for just ¥990, down from the ¥1,060 it will set you back thereafter.

American burger chain In ‘n’ Out ran a similar deal (not sure if they still do; I don’t spend a lot of time dining there) some time ago, which gained Internet notoriety when some kids went to Vegas and ordered a 100×100 (that’s patties and slices of cheese). The gory details of that burger, which cost nearly $100, are over here.

I’ve actually been eating hamburgers now and then over the past few weeks. Not McDonald’s, but tastier fare from places up in Yurakucho, which I mean to write about at some point. In my college days I used to spend quality time at Barney’s Hamburgers, with all those options to add avocado and salsa and bacon and who knows what else; these places a short walk from my office offer flavors along those lines. They cost a bit more than the 10-patty Tower Burger, but I think I’d still go for them instead.

The tower falls UPDATE: Got alerted to another article on the Lotteria offering, with plenty of action photos. An example:

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