Wanna Translate a Book?

The money involved in this project is not at all in line with the effort it will involve, but there might be someone out there who wants to get his or her name on a published translation and has the free time to make it happen. Forwarded from the JAT mailing list:

* * *

A book project, Easy Subjects, seeks a native American-English translator for a Japanese novel, Hishoku by Sawako Ariyoshi. This position is ideal for translators who are in the beginning stage of their career and wish to publish his/her own work. Graduate students are also considered.

The novel Hishoku was published in Japan in 1967. Ideally the translator would be able to convey the defiant voice of the protagonist who is keenly and theoretically critical of the US racial hierarchy in the 1950s, and also be able to delineate the different voices of the characters who are from multiple class, racial, and cultural groups in New York City. Finally the translator must be able to convey the literary voice and craft of Sawako Ariyoshi in this particular novel. The translation of this novel will be included in a book entitled Easy Subjects. This book deploys postcolonial gender studies and cultural studies to critique the US academia’s attachment to female minority subjects. The copyright of the book has already been secured.

The translation will be published by an academic press as part of the book. The novel translation will be one of the chapters. If the translator wishes, the book can also include the translator’s note or comments following the novel.

The translator is rewarded with a total stipend of US $2,000. The translator will receive $1,000 at the time of completion and submission of the translation manuscript, and $1,000 at the time of the book publication.

Timeline: The manuscript must be completed by the winter of 2014. Selection of the translator will be made by May 2014.

Selection process: Send your CV and contact information with a short sample of your work (no longer than 5 pages, preferably with the original Japanese manuscript) if you have any, to Dr. Yurika Tamura via email: yurika.tamura@rice.edu by April 10, 2014. The detail of the project and publication with a sample page of the novel (2–3 pages) will then be sent to suitable candidates. After a review of the sample work, selected candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview and notified of the result of selection.

Should you have any inquiry, contact Dr. Tamura (yurika.tamura@rice.edu) via email.