Wanna Translate a Book?

The money involved in this project is not at all in line with the effort it will involve, but there might be someone out there who wants to get his or her name on a published translation and has the free time to make it happen. Forwarded from the JAT mailing list: * * * […]

Translators in an Italian dungeon

The Telegraph has an article on some of the more interesting working conditions I’ve heard of in the translation business: “Dan Brown’s Inferno: the hellish conditions endured by those translating author’s new blockbuster.” The guy’s latest “mysterious religious/artistic stuff happens but brave American academic is up to the task” novel is going to be released […]

Vertical gets bought

Just spotted an article in the Nikkei online (it’s here, but who knows how long that will last) about what’s happening at Kōdansha. A new president has taken office, the seventh straight from the Noma clan (which founded the firm in 1909), things like that. But this was eye-catching: その一環として同日、大日本印刷と共同で翻訳出版のバーティカル(東京・中央)の買収を発表。バーティカルが翻訳した講談社の書籍やマンガを、大日印が協力会社を通じて米国で印刷・製本し、米国で流通させる体制を整える。 The new president said that […]

Mishima article

I went ahead and scanned the Japan Echo piece I mentioned in my last post. You can go grab it here: Mishima_dialogue.pdf It weighs in at more than 6 MB, so don’t click it if you’re on a slow connection.

Ishihara on Mishima

I was looking through back issues of Japan Echo and found a 1995 dialogue between Ishihara Shintarō and Nosaka Akiyuki. Since the Tokyo governor has been in the news lately for his views on homosexuality, I found this part fascinating: ——— I was reading Mishima before I met him, from around the time I was […]