Jay Rubin on Murakami, translation

Asahi.com has posted “Translator sees U.S. influence in Murakami’s humor and writing style,” an interview with Jay Rubin. He’s less than a month away from wrapping up his translation of the first two volumes of Murakami Haruki’s 1Q84, and apparently Philip Gabriel will have the third volume finished at the same time. It sounds like […]

My bookshelf

Like the title says. These are some of the paper references I use in my work as a translator and editor. (The links take you to amazon.co.jp pages on the things.) Of course I do plenty of research and look up lots of terms online, but Wikipedia and Google and so on have yet to […]

New old movies

If you live in Japan, you get to watch American movies three months later than everyone else, and for more money to boot. Well, in the theater, anyway; if you’re renting disks it’s quite affordable but you get to wait six months instead. I’ve never gotten into the whole “download movies from the internets” thing, […]