A quick photo from California

We went back to the ancestral homeland (well, mine, anyway) for about 10 days of fun, burritos, and respite from Tokyo’s summer weather. Great times. Here’s the girl at China Camp, on the bay in Marin County. (Click through to see it on Flickr.)

Rainbow in the sky

We took a trip to California this month to enjoy the cooler summer days the Bay Area has to offer (blankets when you sleep! long sleeves!) and visit Grandma and Grandpa. Got a portable whiteboard as a gift from Sakura’s cousins and put it to good use on the way back over the Pacific. Sakura: […]

Girl in the snow

Sakura slides Originally uploaded by Durf A quick, content-free post to stick this photo up on the site. I have a batch to go up on Flickr soon from our trip to Yuzawa a few weekends ago. Sakura’s first time in the real snow! She didn’t mind the chair-lift ride on my lap at all, […]

New video site

An old photo site, actually. A little while ago Flickr began accepting video uploads (no more than 150MB and 90 seconds). I just tried it out for the first time and this is the result:

Koganei babies

A very quick post to link to the website of Hamada Nursing Baby (浜田ナーシングベビー). This Koganei clinic is run by an 80-year-old woman with strong massaging hands and plenty of advice for new mothers wondering what to do with their infants. Megumi has been going there for some months, and has made a number of […]