An online glossary I can really use!

The next time you need to communicate with a tiny person raised in a Japanese-speaking environment, head over to the Goo Labs and take a look at the こども語辞書 (“baby-talk dictionary”). Toss your terms into the search field (you can use a baby term, like wanwan for a dog, or the normal word inu), or […]

My spring post

In the good seats Originally uploaded by Durf Seems like a quarterly thing, to post here. I’ve been busy. Translating and editing and enjoying visits from family (sister pictured) and watching the little girl grow larger and larger. Jessica has been in town for 10 days or so. She came to Tokyo to watch her […]

Random Friday thoughts

Last night I was correcting papers on the train, looking forward to a late night of writing up homework comments to hand back to students in class this evening. After I got home I jumped in the shower (it was about 915 degrees and raining outside) where, in a spasm of reclaimed memory, I noted […]

Scandinavian vacation

St. Johannes Kyrka Originally uploaded by Durf This was a vacation in 2002, actually. I had a few photos from it posted on a previous incarnation of this website, but I never got around to uploading any of them to Flickr after getting the account there. Now that’s changing. There’s a set of photos that […]

Anna and Luke

Snuggling Originally uploaded by adurfee. Sakura’s cousins have left the hospital and are at home now. Their stay (with C-section and all) was shorter than Megumi’s straightforward birth here in Japan, which is a shocking bit of news to everyone over here who hears it. Congrats to the twins, and their parents, and all the […]