The PYC Manifesto

About PYC A good friend and college housemate brought us many tales of Sacramento and the Central Valley. But our absolute favorite was the tale of PYC. (I’m using initials to refer to him and his kids, rather than the full names, since there are other PYCs with web presences, and I’d rather not be […]

Typing practice

Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs! Erm, wait, that’s the wrong one. (Today I learned these sentences are called pangrams.)

Real soon now

Web comic XKCD weighs in with an observation that applies nicely to the quest for convincing machine translation:

Ireland’s worst driver found!

One from the translation follies file: a BBC report titled “The mystery of Ireland’s worst driver.” A single driver racked up more than 50 traffic and parking violations, giving a different address every time to prevent the authorities from taking away his license for good to make the roads safe. The word went out: FIND […]