DVD sale

EDIT: I no longer have DVDs to get rid of. If you’d like to see any of these, you’ll be able to view many of them at the Niseko Freedom Inn, where they will be in the movie library for guests. (I’ve never been but it looks fantastic; it’s run by a guy I used […]

The Three Languages

This is a Brothers Grimm story I had never seen before today. It involves languages and was on a translation-related blog, Transubstantiation. It also has a pope; I hear there’s one of those around these days as well. (It also involves talking with animals, which is something that seems much more charming in a fairy […]

When you know you’ve made it

. . . is when you get phone calls at work from pump-and-dump operators. The guy on the phone just now told me he was from Addison Capital Management’s New Delhi office. This outfit has called me a few times in the past, usually to pitch some wealth management deal (offshore accounts to shelter my […]

The oldest words in English

Link of the day: An interesting look at language-related stuff comes from the University of Reading, where researchers have used powerful computers to figure out which words in the English language have stuck around unchanged for the longest time and to predict which ones are likely to disappear in the future. The rundown is that […]