A quick photo from California

We went back to the ancestral homeland (well, mine, anyway) for about 10 days of fun, burritos, and respite from Tokyo’s summer weather. Great times. Here’s the girl at China Camp, on the bay in Marin County. (Click through to see it on Flickr.)

DVD sale

EDIT: I no longer have DVDs to get rid of. If you’d like to see any of these, you’ll be able to view many of them at the Niseko Freedom Inn, where they will be in the movie library for guests. (I’ve never been but it looks fantastic; it’s run by a guy I used […]


The latest health food craze hits Japan’s shores in the form of the Tower Burger available at Lotteria. This bad boy will set you back just ¥160 for the simple cheeseburger, plus an extra ¥100 for each additional patty and cheese slice you add. It goes on sale on June 22, according to the article […]

Happy New Year

Happy 2009 Originally uploaded by Durf Taken a minute or so into the year 2009 . . . Just a quick post to show that the website isn’t dead. May this year see more posts from me.

News roundup

In “Sport ‘bought access to Olympics’” the BBC looks into the possibility that keirin cycle racing organizers in Japan splashed a bit of money around to get the sport admitted to the Olympic lineup. Shocking, shocking to see a gambling industry involved in shady financial deals. I will have to confront my friend at the […]