More SWET posting &c.

In the “web” category: A few quick links to things I wrote on that other site: One, two, three . . . (on Ryan Ginstrom’s online and downloadable word-and-character-counting utilities) Facebook gets translated, saves a ton of money (on, well, Facebook and the translation of its interface) Guerrilla editing on the road (on the wild […]

Koganei babies

A very quick post to link to the website of Hamada Nursing Baby (浜田ナーシングベビー). This Koganei clinic is run by an 80-year-old woman with strong massaging hands and plenty of advice for new mothers wondering what to do with their infants. Megumi has been going there for some months, and has made a number of […]

My spring post

In the good seats Originally uploaded by Durf Seems like a quarterly thing, to post here. I’ve been busy. Translating and editing and enjoying visits from family (sister pictured) and watching the little girl grow larger and larger. Jessica has been in town for 10 days or so. She came to Tokyo to watch her […]

Monday dinner

Monday dinner Originally uploaded by Durf Eel on rice is one of my favorite things to eat. Right up there with chile relleno and som tam. And my mom’s tuna noodle casserole, but hey, that goes without saying. Just got home on Monday night. Megu is in bed with Sakura—took a while to get her […]

Old Tokyo; or, back online in the new Tokyo

Some very interesting historical material up at Old Tokyo – Vintage Tinted Images of the Japanese Capital City. The Department of Foreign Affairs (on the Kasumigaseki page) was a very stately building. So I haven’t done a thing with this place in months. In recent weeks I’ve had an excuse, which was that my hosting […]