The terror of photo credits

When my company publishes things, sometimes we decide we’d like to have an image to go with the words. We find something worth printing or uploading, contact the person with the rights to that image, and ask for permission to publish—along with the person’s preference for attribution in the photo caption (or in tiny text […]

Full Frontal Translation

That’s right, totally nude, letting you see it all. In December I posted about EtherPad, an online tool that lets you type up a document while keeping track of every single change made to it—every character typed, moved, replaced, or deleted. I went ahead and did a short translation with EtherPad last month, which you […]

Literary translation contest

The Japanese Literature Publishing Project is running a literary translation competition “with a view to discovering and fostering brilliant translators who can help introduce and spread modern Japanese literature throughout the world.” It’s the first such contest run by the JLPP, and it seems to be similar to the Shizuoka International Translation Competition, sadly no […]

The machines don’t get it all, yet

Here’s an interesting piece on trends in and the future of machine translation: “How do scientists see the immediate future of translation automation?“ The general feeling among researchers is that translators will continue to play a central role in production of the high quality translation well into the future. They will also inevitably contribute to […]

Quote of the day

Well, paragraph-length quote from half a year ago. Whatever. I liked it and think it’s worth showing to the translators (and others) who might be looking at this website. You’ll never know exactly what a translator has done. He reads with maniacal attention to nuance and cultural implication, conscious of all the books that stand […]